In becoming a leading travel operator in Malaysia, Riverside Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in 2008 and is recognized as a Bumiputra status company. As a travel.agency with continuous collaboration with Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), they are registered under the Ministry Of Finance and the Ministry of Cultural, Arts and Tourism (Reg no:821239-A). After more than three years of establishment, this company became are a member of Malaysia Association Tour and Travel Agents ( MATTA) and BUMIPUTRA Travel Agents Association of Malaysia (BUMIPUTRA). The team of leadership focuses on catering services and necessities to their customers in making the process of travelling arrangements easily special. They ensure our services to the customers with full integrity and respect by applying their exceptional expertise in the industry with vast experience in worldwide flight booking (inbound and outbound from any country), car rental services, hoteliers, ground arrangements and dealings with local travelling suppliers. They also cover every aspect of Umrah and Hajj package for Muslims who intend to participate in the Holy Pilgrimage to Madinah and Holy Mecca.

Our mission is to operate, perform and deliver top-notch services to our respected clients. By realizing that the industry of tourism is one of the contributing factors towards the country’s economic growth, we strive to be one of the “preferred travel agency” in line with the support and incentives by the Malaysian government.

Creatively inspiring new and refreshing packages to attract clients with very competitive and affordable rate. In making our dedication towards providing an efficient and effective one-stop centre for the clients regardless of what the level of demand are.
Due to rapid growth in ticketing and travelling pattern in government agencies and their needs as well. Almost half of the percentages of our customer are representatives from government sector and agencies.

Our mission is to be an enterprising, viable and dynamic Bumiputra Helmed Travel Agency and to provide outstanding customer services to our clients. We are bringing into this travel agency more than 25 years of Sales and Marketing and Operations experienced from the airline industry namely, Malaysia Airlines.

Coupled with this, we have a track record of bringing in from zero revenue to 5.5 million sales for CAT Travel Sdn. Bhd in just under a period of less than 3 years during our employment with CAT Travel effective 01 April 2008 till December 2010 which entitle from no ticket stock to bumiputera agent with ticket stock.

With all these, we are confident that Riverside Travel and Tours Sdn. Bhd will move towards achieving our common goal that is SUCCESS.

Riverside Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd. Status as a Bumiputra company incorporated in 2008 and recognised as a member of Bumiputra Malaysia. Being able to facilitate overall travel related services for the government of Malaysia, Corporate agencies and domestic consumer regarding their inbound-outbound operations and ground arrangements. Company provides assistance to all sorts of arrangement relatively related from chartered operations, tours, cruises, car rentals, hotel, air to systematic calculation on fares, issuance of tickets, visa requirement and on ground itineraries. We implement our online booking system Abacus in order to provide an online infrastructure for our clients.

Our group consist 4 members. Many challenges that we faced during manage this assignment.


Finally our group have done do this assignment with successfully. We want to share the
experience during manage this assignment. Firstly, very difficult to get the cooperation of
several company in Sungai Petani Kedah. They have many requirement before want to
interview their office. The example of company that we choose before is Majlis Perbandaran
Sungai Petani Kedah, Pejabat Pelajaran Kuala Muda Kedah, Pejabat Pos Sungai Petani
Kedah, but only this company give us a good cooperation. That is Riverside Travel and Tour.
Encik Mohd Azri bin Abdullah is the receptionist and give the permission to interview their
company. We move to the office at 9 a.m on Monday. We take almost two hours to arrived
at the office because we lost direction. We tried asked many people but they did not know.
Some people gave us a wrong direction. We are so disappointed. Near 11 a.m we finally
arrived at the office and it is just near the Amanjaya Mall. We were welcomed by Encik
Mohd Azri and Encik Nor Ashidi. Our group start interview at 11.30 a m. Many information
we get from them. They are very kind and friendly. Then we went back to UITM Kedah at
12.30 p.m. We are so excited and happy because our project assignment was successful.

We have contained variety of experience.
learn how to interview the office that we choose.
Sir Mohd Fazil bin Jamaludin be provided guidance to us throughout this assignment.
Riverside Travel and Tour company that give information about layout of the company department of the office, organization chart and many more information.
Thank to our classmate that have a lot of offer help and cooperation that effort to accomplish this task successfully.

We get some skill and acknowledge on how to interview the company.

Get many information about the departments such as their layout and mission of the company.

We also learn on how to cooperation with the office coworkers.

We know the important each of the department.

We learn how to communicate to the coworkers.

We also know the function and duties of each departments.




Act as a organizing and connecting all MOH committees and sectors to follow up all Umrah activities, arranging periodic meetings of all Umrah committees to prepare for upcoming Umrah seasons.
Organizing, scheduling and documenting meetings within the agenda in coordination with the chairman of the preparatory Umrah committees
They also involved the central communication whereas they need to communicate with their customers to take the booking tickets.

Distributing them to the committees, following up all recommendations and directives of the preparatory Umrah committee meetings with the committees, sectors and relevant authorities to ensure their implementation according to the plan.
A ticketing consultant is an expert in understanding airfares.

Responsible for calculating and quoting basic and complex airfares.

Produce the airline ticket and forward it to the traveler or travel agent.

Use outgoing mail to send a mail to their travel agent and travelers about the ticketing.

They also give a brochure to their regular customers to give an update issues about their office.
To provide accurate and timely to management on the overall performance of the company.

Checking any unpaid invoices.

To issue the staff salary deduction-monthly during pay day.

Prepared the petty cash batch for month end closing.

To ensure strict compliance with the accepted international accounting standards practiced by the company.

There are also use record management to record the payment of the customers, incoming money and others.

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